Omaha Beach House Side View

Omaha Beach House Designed by Leuschke Group Ltd.

Omaha Beach House from the apartment. The Beach house was Leuschke Group Ltd. has designed this house as a weekend. The house is located in Omaha Beach, New Zealand. The design of the facility is home to dictate to the beach this home is the shadow of the neighboring houses to the north on Sunday. To maximize the light of this line (polycarbonate mat) Danpalon screens along the walls of […]

contemporary beach house

Awesome Home Design Coastal House With A Rooftop Lap Pool

This 3600 square foot house is designed by Hughes beach Umbanhowar Architects. It nests in the interstices between the coast and the road along a narrow place on the coast north of Jupiter Island, Florida. The house is designed in a modern style and is both a house and a picturesque coastal village elegant island. The house is divided into three areas: sleeping, entertaining space, and space for contemplation. Each […]

Stylish and Clean House Windows Photos

Stylish and Clean House in Malmo, Sweden

The interior is quite modern, with lots of natural light, neutral colors and lighting systems. Large floor to ceiling windows were sunbathing, rarely is a guest in the North. I like the stairs, which really catches the eye as it is very sophisticated. Despitae of modern furniture, there are some special features such as gold leaf in the bathroom, or a threshold that plays the role of a shelf. The […]

circus school elevation drawing sketch

Interior Decorating Circus School Design by Marianne Amodio

Life is colourful and fun, it is such an idea embedded on Circus which cherishes the bright side of life. Consequently, Marianne Amodio Architecture Studio located in Vancouver Canada brings joy to life through full color furniture and equipment to train the talent to be a professional entertainment. In an area of ??6500 square meters, the architect creates a place to work, a place to play and to see the […]

simple wall room devider design ideas

Italian Modern Wall Room Divider Decorative Interior Design

This simple and minimalist living room wall divider design ideas presented by the famous Italian design company interior glass called. This divider wall type is the purpose for living space

Hofman Dujardin Architecten Villa Geldrop Physical Model Photos

Green Villa with Basement Architecture Ideas by Hofman Dujardin

Amsterdam-based studo, Hofman Dujardin Architecten over “villa geldrop”, a separate family home in the Netherlands. The residence, which is anchored in the ground perpendicular to a slope that is at the edge of its site next to an existing barn which together form that mimics. by placing the structure on the axis of the landscape, the unit is able to absorb and reflect the farmland that surrounds it.

Maison du Béton Kitchen Design

Maison du Béton Modern House in Gemany

Perfect design a beautiful home will be handled Atelier ST. This modern house architecture architects receive Maison du Beton set in Zwickau, Germany. Approach to make this home added by the owners who prefer to have a home naked, except a different design