Omaha Beach House Side View

Omaha Beach House Designed by Leuschke Group Ltd.

Omaha Beach House from the apartment. The Beach house was Leuschke Group Ltd. has designed this house as a weekend. The house is located in Omaha Beach, New Zealand. The design of the facility is home to dictate to the beach this home is the shadow of the neighboring houses to the north on Sunday. To maximize the light of this line (polycarbonate mat) Danpalon screens along the walls of […]

Cathedral Fantastic Uniq Lighting 2

Cathedral’s Spire Crossing Unique Lighting

It may not quite have been divine inspiration, but after just a couple of minutes inside Salisbury Cathedral, artist and lighting designer Bruce Monroe knew exactly how he wanted his latest instillation to loo. The installation, called Light Shower, comprises 2,000 teardrop shaped diffusers, each set at the end of a fiber optic thread, which cascade down from the Cathedral’s Spire Crossing.

Matida Stool by Stefan Lindfors

Creative Matida Stool by Stefan Lindfors

Matilde stool designed by Stefan Lindfors Finish designer has won the international 2010 Good Design Award. This is the oldest and most prestigious award very much in the design world. The stool is a versatile, multi-purpose for the soul of any

Above Table Lighting Cable Lamp Twin Serien

Above Table Lighting – Cable Lamp Twin by Serien

If you are looking over the above table lighting ideas, check out this lamp cable, Twin Series. Made of aluminum and chrome shades of white polycarbonate, this versatile lamp fits neatly over a dining or kitchen table, or even above the pool table. However, it is designed to be used as a table lamp, lighting. Double provides direct task lighting, while spreading the light of all the parties by some […]

The Garden House Site Plan

Garden House, Design Idea by Tham & Videgård

Unique architecture that makes the Swedish architectural firm Tham and Videgard called the Garden House. Viksberg is in Sweden. The theme of the house is based on customer wants and that is the garden house. And finally, the unique architectural design of a house designed as a

Modern Residental in South Australia Bathroom Photos

Modern Residental in Fingal, Australia

This modern residential development is located in Fingal, in the Cups area of the Mornington Peninsula’s wild ocean coast of Australia. The house is located in an area of ??10 acres and features four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a swimming pool owner luck. It also has a hydronic heating system, solar hot water and rainwater tanks and a garage for two cars and garage. If you are interested, this house […]