Omaha Beach House Living Room

Omaha Beach House Designed by Leuschke Group Ltd.

Omaha Beach House from the apartment. The Beach house was Leuschke Group Ltd. has designed this house as a weekend. The house is located in Omaha Beach, New Zealand. The design of the facility is home to dictate to the beach this home is the shadow of the neighboring houses to the north on Sunday. To maximize the light of this line (polycarbonate mat) Danpalon screens along the walls of […]

The Three Stones Second Floor Plan

Tree Stone House Located in Austin, Texas by Nick Deaver

Capture sophisticated design for the home run Deaver chip designers. This architecture is configured to receive the Tres Piedras adorable home in Austin, Texas. Facto measure of aesthetics that this house is 5344 SF. Among the unique things with this house is the flagship of this window to limit the space for the day of transmission to the interior.

TOTO Sprino Small Bathroom

Smart Layout for Small Bathroom By TOTO

Sprino collection by TOTO helps create small bathroom with everything you need to cleanse your body and relax there. The idea of the collection to make the bathroom floor that can accommodate entire streams of water. Usually there is no toilet or furniture in the bathroom so that the site could be very small in terms of needs.

brick house by aabe bathroom photos

Exceptional Brick House – Inspiration for Your Home

This exceptional brick house living space with an elegant fusion of styles in Düsseldorf, once used to be a warehouse. Architect Bruno Erpicum of German AABE design studio managed to change the venue to avoid won’t recognized. Some brick walls left untouched, but outside he put a wall of glass on it. Elements of the industry are of brick and concrete, all the furniture is modern. The exceptional brick house […]

Apartment Interior Pop Art and Art Deco in London Window Photos

Crative Apartment Interior Pop Art and Art Deco in London

This Creative Interior Apartment in London are often represented with words. It’s very wonderful. the realm is finished in artistic movement with to a small degree bit pop-art. Radical black walls combine well with the colourful article of furniture and accessories. every part here appears like associate work of art thanks to the design, shape, or concept. Pop-art painting and sculptures build this housing appearance stylish and funky. The room […]

wallpaper with 3d effect thermoformed elitis Black Photos

Unique Wallpaper with 3D Effect, Add to the Aesthetic Value of Your House

There 3D wallpaper effect a new generation of wall coverings in town! This wallpaper with 3D effect Elitis two years to perfect, but it was worth the wait! These thermoformed wallpaper adorned with contemporary, fashionable that we like – Botany and the series of vases are two very different looks but impressive for your home. “Vases” of 3D wallpaper effect a contemporary model, unconventional, 3D wallpaper effect smooth lines and […]