The Orange Cube Lyon Overall view Photos

The Orange Cube Lyon Building Designed by Jakob + Macfarlane Architects

The project is designed as a simple orthogonal ‘cube’ which is carved a giant hole in response to the needs of light, air movement and points of view building. This hole creates a vacuum, the building’s horizontal drilling into the side of the river and up through the roof. Related Search : orange cube | orange cube lyon | the orange building |

Funky Fresh Furniture Chairs Bruehl blue sofa

Funky and Fresh Furniture Chairs by Bruehl – Coupole and Morning Dew

This fresh Modern funky new furniture comfort chairs is inspired by German company Bruehl with an edge natural forms ultra-modern. With the rise and fall of mountains, with a touch abstract, Couple sofa and armchair (pictured above) of the designer Kati Meyer-Bruhl have a curved back and armrests and a delicate dress fabric body which is the sky touch, available in white and sky blue. The chairs in the morning […]

pretty flexible lamp glass vistori pendant

Pretty Flexible Lamp Glass by Vistosi Lighting

Modern and colorful, unique lighting accessories for Vistosi Assiba bring visual interest to any space and play with light in an unusual way. Accessories are available as pendants, sconces, chandeliers or even floor lamps. Whatever your lighting needs, you will be able to incorporate ambient light Assiba in an attractive lighting scheme. The metal parts of appliances are made of chrome and glass lamp is mouth blown. The inner shells […]


Modern Minimalist White Residence Design Architectures by Takuro Yamamoto

If you want to build single family residence design of perfect living space, may be this modern minimalist design in white house Takuro Yamamoto residence may be the perfect inspiration.

kitchen with carbon doors

Minimalist Modern Black Kitchen by Porsche Design

The kitchen has a very manly and futuristic design, but this year has been updated anyway. A new front has been given to this impressive kitchen. Carbon was used in the style of your doors. Family of motor racing, the composite material of carbon fiber ultra-lightweight but extremely strong and resistant to temperature, is widely used today in aerospace, but also increasingly in automotive engineering. Produced in a complex process, […]

Tiles Pattern for Wallpaper by Antolini Luigi 3D

Tiles Pattern for Wallpaper by Antolini Luigi

Antolini Luigi Natura Collection marble tile pattern makes use of the natural beauty of marble and rich with wonderful patterns and textures that are worthy of admiration. A combination of creativity and skill has resulted in tile designs and textures that enhance the power and magnetism of the stone. Using modular reliefs, playing with shadows and empty spaces and solid, the designer – Domenico De Palo, created four members now […]