The Orange Cube Lyon Overall view Photos

The Orange Cube Lyon Building Designed by Jakob + Macfarlane Architects

The project is designed as a simple orthogonal ‘cube’ which is carved a giant hole in response to the needs of light, air movement and points of view building. This hole creates a vacuum, the building’s horizontal drilling into the side of the river and up through the roof. Related Search : orange cube | orange cube lyon |

Ikea 2012 Living Rooms Catalog Photos

IKEA Catalog 2012 Sneak Peek

Those of you who are interested in IKEA 2012 products definitely their catalogs. There are only 2 weeks for the launch of 2012 catalog but we can show some new interesting trends. IKEA 2012 Furniture Catalog    

thinness pot design ideas for your room decor

Indoor Floating Garden Thinness Pots Design Ideas for your Living Rooms

This unique and brilliant ideas for put the garden in your room, here the Indoor Floating Garden Thinness Pots Design Ideas for your Living Rooms. Art of the traditional Japanese, Opposing to the satisfaction of an immediate need, to the cult of the performance

Justin Bieber's Future Bathroom

New Justin Bieber House Design

Justin Bieber is the Canadian singing sensation who has captured the hearts and minds of young girls across the world. Justin Bieber’s living room of the future is going to be a relaxed setting where friends

Green Kids Bedroom

Green Kids Bedroom By Stemik Living

Before making your child’s bedroom is to choose your color. If you have two boys or two girls, the problem is not as difficult as when you have a boy and a girl. In the second case you have to find the universal color that will appeal to both children. Green is an ideal

San Telmo Museum Spain Photos

Multidisciplinary View – San Telmo Museum San Sebastian Building, Spain

The key to the new Museum of San Telmo is the extension with a new wing, under the Mount Urgull along the coast, to house the new cultural and commercial uses as well as enhance the accessibility to the public and libraries. The visual impact of modern construction has been minimized thanks to the architects the opportunity to work closely with artists Agustina Otero and Leopoldo Ferrán, which created a […]