The Orange Cube Lyon Interior Photos

The Orange Cube Lyon Building Designed by Jakob + Macfarlane Architects

The project is designed as a simple orthogonal ‘cube’ which is carved a giant hole in response to the needs of light, air movement and points of view building. This hole creates a vacuum, the building’s horizontal drilling into the side of the river and up through the roof. Related Search : orange cube | orange cube lyon |

Architect Cino Zucchi Gray Brown Bricks

Brick House Architecture Idea By Architect Cino Zucchi

This brick house is distinguished architect Cino Zucchi. It is placed in the Dutch German border in Overijssel. The advanced front façade brick house hit gray-brown, while the front of the rear wrapped in foil. Architect infatuation as a clear imbalance in unusual modern designs that balance

Awning Patio in Open Room Pergotenda Photos

Awning Patio in Open Room – Pergotenda

Not one to blend into the background, this awning Pergotenda becomes the central feature of your deck or patio. Move, Corradi, is like an open room with its roof shadow (which together with the main structure) and the wall screen (which is great in itself, offers privacy with a see-through view). The sheet is rolled up when you want to sunbathe, or pull it to narrow its area of ??outdoor […]

Barvikha Village House Residental Building in Russia Photos

Barvikha Village House – New Residential Building in Russia

Three buildings are located on the plot in one line: black (garage block finished with slate), white (actually the house, finished with white glass panels) and wood (the bathroom complex with swimming pool outdoors).

Bathroom designed by Giorgio Armani

Black and White Bathroom by Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani not only companies in the world of fashion, but also shows his talent in the world of Italian taste good as is. The designer presented to society during the Milan Furniture Fair a new bathroom concept with the help of the House, and Roca, a Spanish company leader when it comes to health problems. Therefore, it has become the first company “does not work with Armani Italian.

contemporary teen bedroom furniture design ideas by misura emme

Bedroom Design for Teen – Creative by Misura Emme

Here the Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas for Teen by Misura Emme Italian furniture company, design a dormitory for boys and girls are often very different. The contemporary design of the fourth teenager has to do with the hype, cool and practical. The child should be proud of your room, why not just when he or she sleep and study, but also an informal place to meet friends. And teens are […]