The Orange Cube Lyon Giant Hole Photos

The Orange Cube Lyon Building Designed by Jakob + Macfarlane Architects

The project is designed as a simple orthogonal ‘cube’ which is carved a giant hole in response to the needs of light, air movement and points of view building. This hole creates a vacuum, the building’s horizontal drilling into the side of the river and up through the roof. Related Search : orange cube | orange cube lyon |

wallpaper with 3d effect thermoformed elitis white Photos

Unique Wallpaper with 3D Effect, Add to the Aesthetic Value of Your House

There 3D wallpaper effect a new generation of wall coverings in town! This wallpaper with 3D effect Elitis two years to perfect, but it was worth the wait! These thermoformed wallpaper adorned with contemporary, fashionable that we like – Botany and the series of vases are two very different looks but impressive for your home. “Vases” of 3D wallpaper effect a contemporary model, unconventional, 3D wallpaper effect smooth lines and […]

Modern brick House design

Modern Brick House in China Designed by Atelier Zhanglei

Brick home would be well if designed properly. An example of a beautiful modern brick house is located in Nanjing, China. Designed by Atelier Zhanglei by combining the design house of brick, but in innovative ways. The main features of the house is red brick facade. It is also in accordance with the traditions of the Chinese people. Providing a free space, allowing sunlight to penetrate the outer walls. And […]

Sainsbury Laboratory Building

Sainsbury Laboratory Building – England by Stanton Williams

The Sainsbury Laboratory, a 11,000 m² plant science research center located in Cambridge University Botanic Garden, brings together the world’s leading scientists working in an environment of the highest quality. The design reconciles complex scientific requirements and the need for a piece of architecture that also responds to its landscape. College provides an environment to stimulate innovative research and collaboration. The building is located in the private part of “work” […]


Lavish Hotel Suite in the Trulli

If you want a relaxing break in a distinctive, unusual, Riding The Trulli do it for you. The word Trulli has made clear that we and Puglia. In particular, is that the landscape Itria Valley, near Ostuni, Brindisi, sand dunes and lush vineyards and oak trees. Here are the

Exclusive Garden Furniture from Plants Table Photos

Exclusive Garden Furniture from Plants

Garden furniture so beautiful when your yard is braided with plants! De Castelli presents a set of garden furniture is called Celato’s Radici. “Radici” means “roots” in Italian so this furniture is being overrun with plants. Invaded by vines and plants or not, the game is very artistic garden, and includes many items such as a gazebo, table, chairs, table, stool, candle holder and coffee table. However, when invaded by […]