The Orange Cube Lyon Giant Hole Photos

The Orange Cube Lyon Building Designed by Jakob + Macfarlane Architects

The project is designed as a simple orthogonal ‘cube’ which is carved a giant hole in response to the needs of light, air movement and points of view building. This hole creates a vacuum, the building’s horizontal drilling into the side of the river and up through the roof. Related Search : orange cube | orange cube lyon |

contemporary and simple coffee table with geometric hollow photos

Simple and Modern Coffee Table from Oki Sato for Arketipo

you like coffee? perhaps this table can accompany your coffee drink with your family. The hole features a ceramic vase that can be used separately from the table. This unusual characteristic geometry of the table is very functional, as it can put remotes, mobile and other little things there. Because the table is not complicated and it always looks minimalist and elegant. Thanks to its originality this coffee table can […]

Light Shade Pendant Lamp Satelight Photos

Light Shade – Pendant Lamp by Satelight

An exotic delicacy shade lamp, craft suspended above, these modern light shades Satelight Australian company making a focal point in any room fab. Weaver light shadow line was inspired not only, but also handmade by an artist of Satelight, the diffuser fabric of nylon rope, with an organic and an elaborate ground handling complex shadows and illuminates his subjects below. These pendant lights are a wonderful addition to a minimalist […]

Above Table Lighting Cable Lamp Twin Serien

Above Table Lighting – Cable Lamp Twin by Serien

If you are looking over the above table lighting ideas, check out this lamp cable, Twin Series. Made of aluminum and chrome shades of white polycarbonate, this versatile lamp fits neatly over a dining or kitchen table, or even above the pool table. However, it is designed to be used as a table lamp, lighting. Double provides direct task lighting, while spreading the light of all the parties by some […]

Ergonomic Simple Chair Design Nuvist Photos Blue

Ergonomic and Simple Chair Design by Nuvist

Eidos feast your eyes on a modern chair with a gorgeous design and ergonomic and simple chairs by Nuvista. Inspired by the fabulous bath, this chair promises the same ergonomic comfort and functionality. Enjoy outstanding comfort and support presence in contemporary living room, office, bedroom, foyer or even around the dinner table. Due to its innovative seat design and use of materials, this chair is very study and surprisingly light. […]

Modular Lighting System by Daniel Becker

Unique Branch Lighting – Beautify your Interior Decor

The Branch lighting sparks Daniel Becker is absolutely delightful. Branch Lighting very creative design idea. The system consists of three different modules that can be put together in many ways to create a three-dimensional lighting. The possibilities are endless, as each module can be rotated 360 degrees. They can also be installed on a ceiling or wall. All of these options to meet your personal taste and creativity, resulting in […]