La Casa Jardin del Sol house Photos

Modern House with Fantastic View Near Beach

The house called La Casa Jardín del Sol is a house that is made of glass and concrete on a wooden base, which is perched on a cliff with fantastic views of the coast of Tenerife. Rooms and common areas are in a parallelepiped. The kitchen is like a study in the basement of a gym with a separate entrance and a glass wall to enjoy the view during training. […]

Omaha Beach House Plan

Omaha Beach House Designed by Leuschke Group Ltd.

Omaha Beach House from the apartment. The Beach house was Leuschke Group Ltd. has designed this house as a weekend. The house is located in Omaha Beach, New Zealand. The design of the facility is home to dictate to the beach this home is the shadow of the neighboring houses to the north on Sunday. To maximize the light of this line (polycarbonate mat) Danpalon screens along the walls of […]

contemporary beach house

Awesome Home Design Coastal House With A Rooftop Lap Pool

This 3600 square foot house is designed by Hughes beach Umbanhowar Architects. It nests in the interstices between the coast and the road along a narrow place on the coast north of Jupiter Island, Florida. The house is designed in a modern style and is both a house and a picturesque coastal village elegant island. The house is divided into three areas: sleeping, entertaining space, and space for contemplation. Each […]

Florian Gross Is Unique Selving2

Konnex by Florian Gross is Unique Shelving at its Finest

We know you spend a lot of money to have nice things and they deserve to be placed on something worthy of their presence. Konnex by Florian Gross is a new shelving system that is able to be constantly changed, switched and rearranged. To see more please visit their site.

claremont house by brininstool lynch in chicago Living Photos

Claremont House in Chicago by Brininstool + Lynch Architects

Brininstool + Lynch Architects designed the Claremont House in Chicago, Illinois. The traditional materials of brick, concrete, limestone, steel and zinc are used to form a non-traditional house in a typical spot on the north side of Chicago. The house more resistant to the conventions of the city, joining the front yard to back with the visual transparency, where the panes of over ten feet high and fourteen wide open […]

Bathroom designed by Giorgio Armani

Black and White Bathroom by Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani not only companies in the world of fashion, but also shows his talent in the world of Italian taste good as is. The designer presented to society during the Milan Furniture Fair a new bathroom concept with the help of the House, and Roca, a Spanish company leader when it comes to health problems. Therefore, it has become the first company “does not work with Armani Italian.

Comfy Modern Bed by Bonaldo Crem Photos

Comfy Modern Sofa Bed by Bonaldo

This famous comfy sofa bed can be folded and molded into the position of your choice to make room for sitting, resting and even sleeping. In the upright position, you can understand the name of Papillon – its shape resembles a butterfly wing. It is equipped with the option for a variety of tapas, including the version in pink, which are easy to apply and washable. This sofa simple yet […]

Solid Wood Tiles by Mosaico Photos

Create a Unique Solid Wood Tiles Effect by Mosaic

To create a unique wood tiles mosaic effect and a special atmosphere in any room, consider these tiles hardwood inlaid tile + stone, metal or glass. Designed by Francesco Lucchese and inspired by the interaction of materials, the visual impact of these pictures is immense. The collection is called Dialogues and it is this “dialogue” between the warm colors of wood and stone and glass and metal luster that give […]